Big Head

I found a cute pink striped sun-hat in the box the other day that was too big for Bella last summer. Well, now it’s too small for her. Oh well.

After I tried it on and discovered it was too small, I left it on the couch in the living room. This afternoon she’s picked it up and is carrying it around with her, trying to put it on her head. She can’t quite figure out the maneuver, so the folded hat held up to the top of her head looks rather like a rooster’s comb. But she’s very happy, circling the living room, clapping the hat to the top of her head every once in a while and babbling her appreciation in words only Bella herself can understand.   

(I tried to take a picture of her with the hat to illustrate this post; but, of course, as soon as she saw the camera the hat was forgotten and she was making a bee-line for me, trying to grab the camera.)

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