Received in the Mail Yesterday

Received in the Mail Yesterday

In This House of Brede by Rumer Godden. I’ve seen it recommended so many times on various Catholic blogs, I finally got curious. Found a copy on Book Mooch and it arrived yesterday.

I’m going to try something new with this one, I’m going to read it slowly. No more than a chapter a day. I read a couple of pages last night and then put it down.

I’ve been curious about slow reading in the CM homeschooling method, and have been wondering about its effectiveness for not just children but for myself. I have always had poor self-discipline when it comes to my reading. I devour books and miss out on much that they have to offer.

I have so many books waiting to be read (between a couple of Amazon gift certificates and all the wonderful packages from BookMooch) and I think reading a little bit each day out of several books will help me explore the great fest of knowledge I’ve been hoarding. Maybe I’ll try to read from one homeschooling book and one classic book as well as one for fun book. (I’m also currently in the midst of re-reading the Little House series.)

I’ll try to post updates occasionally to let you know how I’m doing with this project.


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