Wooden blocks

Wooden blocks

Browsing around the internet the other day, I found these beautiful handmade wooden blocks. Aren’t they gorgeous? I am smitten with block envy.

I love wooden blocks. Perhaps my favorite toy when I was little was a set of wooden blocks. I remember spending hours setting them up into castles on the steps between the living room and the front door.

I loved the way two triangles made a square and two squares made a little rectangle and two little rectangles made a bit rectangle. I loved the smooth feel against my skin and the way their very plainness opened doors for imagination. Much better than the Sesame Street Little People playhouse. All my dolls and action figures could inhabit the world of my block houses.

I still love blocks. Last year at Easter at my mother-in-law’s house I was still building a block tower long after all the children had wandered away to play other games. Perfectly symmetrical—I can be obsessive about symmetry—a block tower is a thing of surpassing beauty. And then the baby knocks it down and the page is empty, ready for a new creation.

I aspire to get a beautiful set of blocks for Bella. Well, for me, mostly; but I’ll let Bella play with them. After all, one of the wonderful things about blocks is that they are virtually indestructible, baby-proof.

Here’s the first set I want to acquire: Melissa and Doug Standard Unit Blocks (60 – Piece).

And then there’s these: Melissa and Doug Architectural Unit Block Set.

There was another set I saw, but I can’t find the link right now…. I may add it later.

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