Enjoying the Feast

Are you still feasting? It’s still Easter. Liturgically, Easter lasts eight days and the Easter Season another forty days.

I’ve been feeling bad, guilty almost. After the Lent I’ve had, I don’t feel like I deserve to feast. But Suzanne Temple had a timely reminder on her blog that knocked me out of my funk. We never deserve the feast. We are all the Prodigal Son, stumbling home. And no matter what state we arrive in, however smelly and dirty we are, our even more prodigal Father welcomes us with open arms. He loves us even in the midst of our imperfections. Jesus dies for us while we were still sinners. Because there was no way we could become saints without his sacrifice.

Alleluia! Christ our passover is sacrificed for us. Therefore, let us eat the feast. Alleluia, Alleluia!!!

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