Bella had a very rough night on Saturday. She woke up at 11:30 and cried until after 1. At which point, knowing we had to be up for mass and had a busy day visiting family ahead of us, I gave in to her screaming and nursed her back to sleep. She then woke up again at 5 or so, screaming again. Last night was a little better but she still woke up screaming several times.

She often cries at night, but this was a bit different, more shrill and angry.

Well, today at lunch I think I might have identified the culprit. There are some suspicious looking patches on her lower gums. Is it possible she’s finally going to get some teeth?

I’m torn between being excited at this new stage and being a bit sad. I’ll miss that gummy, toothless smile. And I must confess being a bit nervous about the damage that teeth can do during nursing as well…

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