Today we had the consult with the doctor and signed the paperwork for the surgery. He explained the details of the procedure and the risks and everything. Dom was there to ask all the questions I never remember to ask and to get all the info firsthand so I don’t garble it in translation. Bella sat on his lap and ate her lunch and made faces at the doctor.

Friday morning I meet with the anesthesiologist at the hospital. It seems a bit ironic, Good Friday and all that. A week from Friday is the surgery. Which the doctor reiterated should be very simple, recovery should be a day or so. He doesn’t expect to find anything.

I must confess, I’m dreading it. I just want to get it over with. But the doctor did say that if he doesn’t find anything, as he expects he won’t, then this will be over and done with. I can get back to my regularly scheduled life. Oh, I pray that that’s how it goes.

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  • Ha! And the more you pay any atttention to it, the more she’ll do it! One of my nephews figured out that if he stuck his finger down his throat he would choke and throw up – this is before he even turned one year old. I thought my (of blessed memory) sister in law would lose it. So he did it more often just to churn her up. This kid still has trouble ‘not being the boss’ (he is 14 now) and I often think the choking thing was the first way he could illustrate that there was some stuff he could do that no one could control.

    My own son had this cough thing that sounded like choking… oh man, glad he grew out of that!

    Kids are so funny.

  • Very funny. I try not to pay attention to it, except to make comments about it to Dom. I guess I can be glad at least she’s not making herself throw up!