Thanks for Prayers Answered

Thanks for Prayers Answered

Jennifer F of et tu, jen? is expecting baby #3 and has been very stressed out over health and financial issues. But God is good and provides for all our needs if only we dare to ask.

Her amazing story of prayer granted:

I didn’t know if it was silly to pray to ask God to send me a house in my specified neighborhood at a good price, but I did anyway. We currently share a house with my mother but are desperately out of room, and it’s just not going to work anymore once the new baby gets here. So, as tight as money is, we need a house.

I realized that the best thing I could do to make my life easier when I have three kids under three years old is to live as close as possible to my mother. Though I really dislike the location of her house (in the middle of suburban sprawl, in an area that I consider the outer edges of the universe), I knew that the right thing to do was to look for a house in the less expensive neighborhood that adjoins hers. So I asked God: please, please, please direct me to a house that will work for our family and (most importantly) that we can afford. Our budget is so low that many of my friends actually weren’t aware that our metropolitan area even has any houses that cheap.

Long story short, one weekend a few weeks ago we happened to drive by a house with a “For Sale By Owner” sign out front. We called the number from my cell phone and the guy showed us the house that day. He was just beaming as he walked us through the house because he said he had been praying about this and had asked God to send him a buyer that very day.

So the house is beautiful, the price is unbelievable, they’re closing tomorrow. But Jen still needs a bunch of furniture…. To see how wonderfully God provides, go read the whole story. Bring a box of tissues.

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  • Of course, now I don’t have any excuses. If I don’t get up off the couch to do the laundry, it really is laziness.

    Ain’t that the truth?  I wrestle with this every day. smile

  • I found that I had the same experience after a miscarriage, too. Feeling more physically “normal” helped me to feel more like myself on the inside, not so sleepy/woozy/emotional.
    Of course, I still think and pray about the whole miscarriage situation, but having my energy back definitely helped me.