Picture This

Picture This

Hungry baby contentedly standing at the coffee table, shoveling sweet potato puffs into her mouth with both fists.

Both fists engaged in holding food, baby is doing a remarkable job of standing on her own. Suddenly, distracted baby topples over, hitting her head against the couch.

Wailing baby picked up by concerned mother to be held and comforted. Tears streaming from her eyes, one orange star-shaped puff perfectly balanced on her tongue as she screams. Then, slowly, one full fist drifts towards the still howling mouth to shove in another puff.

Whereupon mother and aunt both begin howling with laughter, distracting baby who forgets to cry.

Snack time at the Bettinelli house.

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  • Amen.  The greatest miracle of all is love, as it always has been.  It spreads like wildfire, blessing everyone all along the way of its circle. 

    Thank you for speaking Him gently and loyally.