Isabella Updates

Isabella Updates

Isabella is ten months tomorrow. I can’t believe how quickly it’s all flown.

She’s starting to let go and stand up with no support for several seconds at a time. Usually when she just has to have both hands for a toy.

She’s also taken two steps from the coffee table to the couch all on her own.

This week I made pumpkin muffins for her and she spit them out without even tasting the first few times I tried to feed them too her. At least we’ve enjoyed eating them. But she’s taken a few bites now. Especially after I started letting her bite from the whole muffin rather than just having a piece broken off. This morning I gave her a muffin to hold by herself and she actually ate quite a bit of it. Of course, about half of it ended up crumbled all over the high chair and the floor. But it’s still a small victory. For her as well as me. She gets to control how she eats and I get to sneak in some veggies.

Speaking of veggies, she really loved the veggies from our fast white bean stew, last Friday’s Lenten dinner. She devoured lots of pieces of arugula, tomato, and bean. Unfortunately, we tend to like our greens (and our main dishes) spicy so often we can’t feed her from our plates.

I made her a grilled cheese sandwich yesterday and she really liked that. And she’s been enjoying fruit cocktail (I found some that’s packed in juice not syrup) and avocado.

She’s been sleeping through the night pretty reliably now. Though often waking at 5 when we’d much prefer 6:30 or 7. I am so not a morning person. She’s doing two good naps a day that generally add up to about two hours. Though she’s not consistent with which one is longer.

She’s in love with her Auntie Tree and is really enjoying her visit. It will be hard for all of us when she has to go.


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  • I am so glad the doctor is hopeful (and doctors are more likely to give a falsely grim picture than a falsely hopeful one), and you will be in my prayers from now until that day and beyond.

  • I am a new reader. My wife and I are both cancer survivors and have been in the medical “waiting for” limbo many times.  You are in my prayers.

    I always try to keep the words to my favorite hymn in mind during such times: “Be not afraid.  I go before you always.”