“See the Other Side”

“See the Other Side”

Kate B passes on a link to a gem of a short story from The New Yorker. Ravenna, Italy; mosaics; fathers; daughters; tourists; heaven; postcards! Need I say more?

I used to be a postcard addict, mailing them from all over. Now I hardly travel and the last time I sent one was on our honeymoon, I think. I used to write letters and received them in return. When I was in college the wall above my bed was plastered in postcards. But this story does more than simply capture the magic of postcards. It provides a glimpse of heaven.

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  • try letting her eat the spicy stuff, anyhow.  you might be surprised! my #3 child (now a healthy 26 y/o) would cheerfully eat spicy foods.  of course, I ate all those spices while pregnant and throughout breastfeeding…

  • I did eat pretty spicy stuff throughout pregnancy and have continued to do so while nursing.

    I have been cautiously letting her try some of the spicy foods. For example, the bean and arugula stew did have jalapenos in it. The veggies didn’t taste spicy to me, but then I have a very high tolerance. They might have been spicier than I realized.

    She spat out the bit of chipotle sloppy joe meat and seemed pretty upset with the aftertaste so I gave her some water to wash out her mouth.

    I will continue to try every once in a while. But I also don’t want her to be afraid of trying new things.