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Counting My Blessings

I am overwhelmed by the responses from well-wishers both here and on Dom’s blog. So many prayers, so many friends, so much love. Thank you to all those who have written and to all those who have prayed for us. I wish I could thank each of you individually. As I said in the comments […]

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On being cool

I’ve just discovered another cool homeschooling/mom blog, Blessed Among Men. (Thanks to Karen E.) And it was a bit of a strange and humbling experience to discover my own blog on her blogroll. I forget sometimes I have readers I don’t even know about. It still seems odd to me that anyone besides my mom […]

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Bella in a Few Years

Inspired by Melissa Wiley’s recent post about them, I’ve been re-reading the Little House books. And maybe because of her post, I’ve been paying more attention to the pictures than would be my usual wont. And there’s a picture in Little House in the Big Woods of Laura throwing a tantrum because she doesn’t want […]

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Reading the Divine Comedy for Lent

also from Darwin Catholic, the first of a series of blog posts of Lenten meditations on the Divine Comedy. Though I read and enjoyed the Divina Commedia when I was in college, I’d never have thought of it as spiritual reading. I’ll second Darwin’s comment that it’s the sort of book you really need to […]

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Book Meme

Because I have a hard time passing up a book meme… Look at the list of books below. Bold the ones you�ve read, italicize the ones you want to read, cross out the ones you won�t touch with a 10 foot pole, underline the ones on your book shelf, and asterisk* the ones you�ve never […]

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Attachment Parenting

I’ve been reading lots of parenting books in the past year. Hey, I’m a book geek; it’s what I do. And I’ve just been rubbed the wrong way by people who are strong proponents of Attachment Parenting. Not that the basic idea of physical closeness and contact is so far off. But that they seem […]

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The two faces of Isabella

We were out and about this morning, running errands and so we stopped for lunch at the Johnny Rockets at the mall. It’s a 50s themed burger joint, with jukeboxes at the tables and classic rock music. At one point the kitchen staff stopped and danced to ‘Respect’. Bella spent much of the time staring […]

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A Challenge

Homeschool blogger Wisteria asks her readers to make a list of their 25 must-keep children’s picture books. If you had to cull, and could only save 25, which ones would your children demand you save? It’s an interesting question. I have to admit, I’ve not heard of many of the books on her list. Of […]

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