More on Bella and Sleep

More on Bella and Sleep

Well, Bella must have been as happy as I was to sleep in her own bed again. She woke up once last night, at 11, and then slept through. I woke, amazed, at 7:45 and as I brushed my teeth I heard her chatting to herself in her crib. Ah blissful sleep!

I hope she does it again tonight; but I’m not counting on it. We discovered at ten this morning that she had a doctor appointment at 11 to get her second flu shot. I’m sure poor Bella would have been happier if we’d missed the appointment altogether. Anyway, she’s been pretty cranky this afternoon. And she didn’t eat much at either breakfast or lunch so I’m afraid she might wake up hungry as well.

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  • You have open comments now—yay! I have been enjoying your blog since before Bella was born as I was also researching homeschooling when my oldest was in the womb.

    Anyway, you probably saw it in the news and are being prudent, but I thought I would mention that there were some stories about how babies sleeping in car seats (especially out of the car, I think) could be in serious danger from having their oxygen cut off in certain positions. I am not sure if it’s as much of a risk once they get to Bella’s age but here’s one of the links from a quick Google: . Just stuck in my mind because we had one of our newborns sleeping overnight strapped into his seat in our bedroom for weeks or months with the pediatrician’s blessing because he would spit up when placed lying down, but that was before the research came out.