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The Sneeze

Isabella has a habit of sneezing while eating. Sometimes I think she does it deliberately, waiting until she has a mouthful of food so she can propel it all over me. How it got all over her face, though, I don’t know. This picture was taken while we were at my parents’ house after Christmas.

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Bella at play

Yesterday she somehow managed to tip over her new toy basket and was happily going through the toys one at a time and spreading them all over the living room. (I’ll post a picture of that soon as I can.) Today she’s got hold of an advertising circular and is having a blast wrinkling, waving […]

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I know what she means

The Anchoress confesses that when she can’t sleep she drools over beautiful saris. When I was in college, my friend Stephanie had a gorgeous sari, I think a relative had brought it back from India or something. She never wore it, but had it tacked to the ceiling of her dorm room, draping in gorgeous […]

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Prayer Requests

For two wonderful Catholic blogger moms: For Heather Price and her family who have sadly just lost a child. For Jennifer F. who is expecting (and due about the same time as me) and who faces medical and financial difficulties. Thank you.

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Groundhog Day

This article by Michael P. Foley in Touchstone Magazine about Groundhog Day, the movie, made me think of my mom. It’s one of her favorite films. I’ve seen Catholic bloggers proposing GD as a film with Catholic sensibilities. It was nice to see a thoughtful critic explore the idea in depth.

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A recent photo

Isabella just loves standing. She’s now pulling herself up anywhere she can—including some scary places, like on the top of the changing table, and some funny ones, like on me. And she’s so proud of herself once she achieves her goal… just look at that smile.

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Seems I never get a cold without it turning either to a sinus infection or bronchitis or both. And that’s when I stuff myself full of all sorts of over the counter drugs. To make matters a bit more complicated, I took a pregnancy test last week and it came up positive. So I was […]

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New Photos

Bella meets Uncle Tim This was the first time my brothers met Isabella. They were both quite enchanted with her. Bella in the big tub We didn’t have the baby tub with us, so in Texas Bella got to be a big girl and take a bath in the big tub. We had a couple […]

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