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Found: One Knit Baby Hat!!!

We just got back from a night out at our favorite sushi restaurant. Friend Paul asked us to meet him for dinner and we decided to use the rest of Dom’s birthday gift certificate and have a little pre-Christmas treat. As an unexpected bonus, when we walked in the door, the hostess greeted us very […]

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The belief of children

In a timely post Adoro Te Devote writes about children and belief. This begins to get at the link between fantasy and mysticism. I’m still stretching to articulate exactly what I want to say. More posts to come. Meanwhile, read her musings on the subject: When I read “The Chronicles of Narnia”, I remember going […]

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Christmas Catholics

I don’t have much to say today; but here are some lovely thoughts from Karen Edmisten: . . . Now that I’m in the fold of the Catholic Church—no longer a stranger and sojourner but a citizen among the saints and not-so-saintly—I give tearful thanks for the gift of my faith, and I pray that […]

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Further Thoughts on Christmas and Gift Giving

Jimmy Akin has an interesting meditation on why gift-giving is good and how to keep our Christmas celebrations focused on Christ. Here’s a couple of excerpts: The real meaning of Christmas is Christ, and to convey the idea that it is anything else, whether commercialistic or sentimentalistic is to confuse the epiphenomena for the Phenomenon […]

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Who Knew?

Tonight Dom was inspired. We had roast beef and Yorkshire pudding for dinner. (With sides of green beans, rosemary roasted potatoes, and roasted butternut squash.) I’ve never had Yorkshire pudding before. I wasn’t even quite sure what it was. I am now in the position to inform you that it is VERY YUMMY. And quite […]

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Isabella Updates

When we went to the doctor again, among other things, he suggested giving Isabella some yogurt to soothe her stomach. So the past couple of days she’s been enjoying some yo baby yogurts. I’ve already been eating them for some time, I love the rich creamy taste of whole milk yogurt. It’s much more like […]

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Little Ones at Mass

In the comments below Cecelia’s Mommy asks: Since you have had more experience with little children than I have, let me ask you a question. We take Cecilia to daily mass and we don’t let her bring any beverages or food or toys or blankets (we tried but she tried to play peekaboo during mass […]

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University of Dallas Video

My sister sent me the link to this awesome video about UD. It says exactly what I would want to say to any high school student considering UD (except it does it better). It brought tears to my eyes. It captures perfectly what UD is to those of us who love her. Even if you […]

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Sleepy Bella

Yesterday we went to breakfast after mass with Dom’s sister and her family. It was about the time we’ve been giving Bella some cereal and fruit and she was getting a bit antsy so I gave her a piece of my toast to gum. I was chatting with my brother in law for a while […]

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