Found: One Knit Baby Hat!!!

Found: One Knit Baby Hat!!!

We just got back from a night out at our favorite sushi restaurant. Friend Paul asked us to meet him for dinner and we decided to use the rest of Dom’s birthday gift certificate and have a little pre-Christmas treat.

As an unexpected bonus, when we walked in the door, the hostess greeted us very excitedly, waving a little yellow knit hat in the air. Evidently we’d lost it the last time we were in, she’d discovered it too late to go chasing after us and put it away until the next time we came in. (They know us well there, when we were dating, we used to eat there all the time. Sadly, not so much after marriage, what with first the pregnancy and then the new baby.)

I had no idea when or where we’d parted ways with the little hat, but I was very sad about its loss. It was made for Bella by a dear friend of our family, who used to eat with us every Wednesday night before she and my mom went to choir practice. It was the first thing she’d ever knit and is absolutely adorable. People have stopped us on the street to compliment me on that hat.

So once again Asahi wins my vote as one of the best restaurants ever. How many other places would keep a lost object around for more than a month?

Bella handled dinner out very well, by the way. I brought her cereal, peaches and yogurt and she had her dinner while we ate ours. She was very calm, never fussed even though we didn’t leave until more than an hour after her usual bed time. And she went straight to bed as soon as we got home.

All the waitresses made a big fuss over her, though. She ate it up. She adores being around people.

My belly is very happy with all the yummy fish and seaweed.

All in all, a very successful night indeed.

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  • Yes, I enjoyed this article as well. I posted something similar but much shorter a few weeks back called “the sign of salvation.” I have a feeling people don’t like to hear about the dark side of Christmas, but it is an essential part of the mystery.