Isabella Updates: New Crib and Other Sleeping Issues

Isabella Updates: New Crib and Other Sleeping Issues

Yesterday, we finally got to the store and purchased a mattress for Bella’s crib. Tonight will Isabella’s first night in her new crib, and in her own bedroom. We’ll see how she does.

She went down easily enough. I hope she’ll sleep through the night.

She’s been doing that more often of late. It is a sweet thing when I wake up in the morning after a solid night’s sleep.

I think we’ve pinpointed the problems with her bad nights when she’s restless and cries. I was pretty sure it was gas and I had a hunch after reading up on infant gas that the culprit was cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage and collard greens.

So I cut them out of my diet altogether. And then my sister in law brought brussels sprouts to Thanksgiving dinner and I made collard greens. Sure enough, that night Bella had problems and Dom and I were taking turns being up with her all night long. So then nothing for several more days and she went back to good sound sleep. Then yesterday I had some collard greens again. And again last night she was restless starting at 3 am and couldn’t be put down.

I did some reading up on the subject and I’ve seen beano recommended for adults… the same compound that’s the problem in beans is the problem in cruciferous veggies. But nothing for babies. The drops one reader recommended and that my mom recalls using seem to be targeting upper gas, i.e. belching, rather than lower gas, which is Bella’s problem.

So we see the pediatrician on Monday for her six month visit. I’ll ask if he can recommend anything. But I fear unless she grows out of it, I’ll either have to go cold turkey or put up with bad nights when I enjoy my veggies until she’s weaned. Gee, I’m going to miss the veggies!

In other news, Bella is loving the over-the-door bouncy swing my sister-in-law gave us.

And she’s pulled herself into a seating position from her belly a couple more times. Which means I had to hang the mobile from the celing over the new crib. She was absolutely entranced by it earlier today when I was letting her play in the crib while I cleaned the room, so I’m glad I put it together. I was feeling sad that we’d never got the chance to use it since she was in the bassinet and then the porta-crib in our room.

Also, I’m finally having to retire the 3-6 month clothing. So sad to pack some of those outfits away. But we have lots of new, very cute stuff thanks to hand-me-downs from my niece Theresa and from some of Evy’s friends.

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  • Luckily, we already own several of the ones you have not read since they were in my collection. Two that jump out are “The Life of Thomas More”
    and “The Four Loves.”

    Kind of weird, but I picked up the Thomas More book after I heard during his presidency that Clinton was reading it during his summer vacation. Then I heard some orthodox Catholic praising it and figured it must be very good then.

  • I think when I picked up The Four Loves it was from your collection. smile

    So have you actually read the More book? Or is it on your to do list too?