Daily Lit

Daily Lit

Steven Riddle at Flos Carmeli has been posting recently about Daily Lit, a service that sends you a little bit of a book every day by email (or you can have it send only M-F or only M,W, F). They have a pretty good selection, though the library is not yet huge. He’s currently reading Middlemarch and says that the format is great because it makes him slow down and chew and enjoy the book rather than swallowing it whole.

I think I’m going to subscribe to Emily Dickinson, to get a bit of poetry into my daily diet. I may later follow Steven’s lead and subscribe to one of those long novels I’ve been meaning to read or re-read.

Alas, they don’t yet have The Brothers Karamazov. I’d subscribe to that in a heartbeat. One of those books I nver have been able to finish.

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  • Daddy picked the music. Can you tell?

    The spoon is green; the cereal is white. I think the bowl of the spoon is coated with silicon. We have a whole rainbow assortment of them!

  • Delightful, music is perfect….

    Just the first time I’ve seen green rice cereal <grin>

    She is so focused and intent on guiding your hand “her way”