book review Sword of Honor by Evelyn Waugh

book review Sword of Honor by Evelyn Waugh

I finished reading The Sword of Honour Trilogy a few weeks ago and couldn’t write a review because I was having a hard time deciding what I thought about the book. Now, I’ve had time to think and I still am unsure. But then again I seem to have that reaction to Waugh. I didn’t much like Brideshead Revisited the firt time through. I didn’t know what to make of it. It took a couple of years and a re-read but then I really loved it. Maybe this one will be the same way.

Originally published as three novels, Waugh later revised them into this single-volume, seamless whole. (I can’t tell where one book would have ended and another begun, though I can guess generally how it would break down.)

The novel follows an English Catholic as he drifts aimlessly through WWII, never seeing real combat, endlessly shuffled from one odd situation to another. The hero is last of his line and likely to die without an heir because his wife has divorced him and he refuses to remarry.  There is a huge cast of characters and a good deal of satire of the army and of Bristish society.

I feel like there’s something I’m just not getting. Wish I knew someone else who’d read it. Talking about a book usually helps at times like these. Oh well.

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