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Weather Weirdness

So today was a gorgeous day. High around 66. I wore a t-shirt and sandals to the park. And while I was there, the phone rang. It was my sister in Dallas, calling to tell me it was snowing there. We haven’t yet had snow this year. Very odd.

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More thoughts on Santa and Fantasy

I was talking to my dad yesterday and he mentioned that he’d just read my previous post on Santa Claus. One of the things that struck me while we were discussing the topic was his statement that children live in fantasy. I suppose I was very lucky that my parents encouraged my imaginative play as […]

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Sometimes Knights Wear Blue Jeans

The other night I was in the basement doing laundry. I tripped and fell and must have cried out. Immediately I heard Dom’s chair push back from his desk in the office overhead and his footsteps pounding as he rushed out the door and down the steps. He helped me up, I’d only twisted my […]

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Caught in the Act

Just now I was taping some footage of Bella rolling around in the dining room and living room and right as I turned on the camera she began to roll over… and sat up. I can’t believe I caught that on tape! She didn’t stay upright long, soon she was off and rolling again. But […]

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To Claus or not to Claus?

Rod Dreher asks his readers: “How do you handle the Santa question in your home?” He says: I have friends on both sides of the issue. Some don’t even get started on the Santa Claus thing, because they don’t want to distract their children from the true religious nature of the holiday. I respect that, […]

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So, you want to learn Latin

The Cranky Professor has an excellent review of Latin resources posted. I took Latin in high school (4 years) and college (3 semesters) and have tutored on and off and hope some day to teach Bella Latin (and Dom is wanting to learn it too). This past summer my sister tried to tutor several of […]

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A $3 Mistake

I just got back from dropping my sister off at the airport. It was wonderful to have her here for the holiday weekend and she was delighted to get to play with her niece. Sadly, I didn’t have good timing today and Bella was just getting hungry as we were rushing into the car to […]

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The Houston Trip: A Peaceful Day

Friday was a day of rest and recuperation after Thursday’s tiring travel. Though with Bella it is impossible to truly sleep in, we did take a nap after breakfast and then accompany Stephanie during her later breakfast. Then we messed about in the room and didn;t actually leave the hotel until after noon. We called […]

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