Creepy Toys Redux

Creepy Toys Redux

You may recall that a while back I linked to a couple of blog entries about scary toys that make noise all by themselves. Now, just in time for Halloween, I have my own scary toy story to add to the repetoire.

Last night, to top off my day of busy housework, I decided it was time to do a load of laundry for Isabella, who didn’t have a clean outfit to wear today. In addition to the usual clothes and blankets, I also tossed in a few of her stuffed toys which were beginning to get a bit grubby and matted with all the chewing she does (No, she’s not teething, it’s just that everything goes in the mouth. It’s been that way since she first learned how to manipulate objects.)

One of these toys was a little teddy bear with a blanket for a body (or is it a blanket with a bear’s head attached?) Obviously meant to be a Christian toy, the bear has wings (an angel bear?) attached to the head, reminding me of the babyhead cherubs in Baroque paintings like the altarpiece at our church, and there’s a cross on the blanket which when pressed plays “Jesus Loves Me”. I didn’t realize that it was in the basket or I’d have thought twice about washing it with the electronics in it. But I did. And then this morning when I pulled it out of the dryer it was playing the song, double speed, and would not turn off. Creepy.

And since we couldn’t get it to turn off and couldn’t bear to listen to Jesus Loves Me all day, it’s currently hiding in the chest in our bedroom until the batteries run out. I can hear it faintly muffled when I go into the room, though fortunately when we turn on the fan for Isabella to sleep it drowns out the noise.

I may have to move the bear before I can sleep tonight.

Update (11/4/06):

Yesterday we finally gave in and performed surgery. Dom slit open the back with a razor blade and removed the voicebox and disabled it. The thing had two batteries!

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  • You know, as much as she likes paper, I was dubious as to its nutritional content. Not sure she yet knows the difference though. As far as I can tell rice cereal is only marginally more interesting as far as taste.