A Growth Spurt?

A Growth Spurt?

Bella went to bed at seven last night and slept until six this morning (with one wake up to eat at 1 AM). Then she took another nap from about 7 until 8:30, and another nap from about 11 to 3. Then another short snooze from 4 to 5. And she’s looking kinda sleepy now, rubbing her eyes and moaning.

And except for the long 3 hour nap they were all in the bassinet. She took several naps yeterday of 45 minutes-1 hour duration.

Is this the same little girl?

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  • You’re such a smarty-pants. smile

    I have lots of trivia stuffed in my brain, but you have pages and pages of poems memorized. I think that’s more impressive.

  • I’m not sure I qualify for smarty pants. I just have a good memory for verse and somehow along the line I was encouraged to memorize stuff and it stuck. I actually wish I knew more.

    I do want to encourage Bella to do the same, though. It’s a skill much neglected in our time. Just think ancient bards used to have the entire Odyssey memorized! Now that would be a feat!