Even though the weather is definitely autumnal, there’s a new spring in my step. Shooting pains in my ankles finally drove me to seek out a good pair of walking shoes. I went to this great store called New England Running where a very helpful and knowledgable salesman examined my feet and the way I walk, diagnosed my problems, and fitted me with a spiffy new pair of sneakers. With silver and blue stripes! Ok, I actually think they’re really ugly. I just don’t like the look of any athletic shoes. But the way they make me feel… Oooh I want to sing! I don’t know why I didn’t do this years ago. I’d have saved myself from so much pain. Stubborm, stubborn me. Even though we’re on a tight budget right now, I consider this money well spent.

In perhaps related news, I seem to be on a spring cleaning kick. Or fall cleaning. Whatever. That’s one reason for the sparser posting on this blog.

Maybe there’s a postpartum nesting instinct I’ve never heard anyone mention? When the baby is finally sleeping through the night and you have a new surge of energy and a burning desire to finally take control of the mess your house has become?

This week I’ve dusted in the living room, reorganized the bookshelves (in conjunction with Dom’s project to catalog our massive library on the computer), done mountains of laundry and piles of dishes. Today I cleaned out the refrigerator, thus conquering the evil smell that was threatening to take over the kitchen. Plus I’ve been much better at making the bed and keeping thing neat, which sounds easy enough, but is a big deal for me.

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  • Oh yes, the memories come back … there is nothing like a baby for getting a couple on a schedule. Similarly, we used to have a cooked meal maybe three times a week at home (when we were childless, so long ago). However, once Hannah began eating solid food and wanting it at regular intervals … well, then suddenly we had regular dinner every night. You really do need children to make a couple into a family. At least that is what did it for us.

  • You really do need children to make a couple into a family.

    I like that.

    For us it was a little different. We’ve been pretty good already at sitting down for a home-cooked dinner. That’s one of the things that we did when we were dating: cooking and eating together. The few months of my raging so-called “morning sickness” sent us out to eat for too many meals; but then with the baby and the tight budget we’ve been cooking at home again.

    But I know what you mean. I’m so glad we never bought into the mentality of waiting a bit to have some “us time” before we had kids. That’s just prolonging the dating/engaged stage unnaturally. I felt like we really started to understand marriage when Dom had to stand helplessly by while I vomited (and to clean up after me a time or two!) True marital love is about self-sacrifice and children really drive that home. We’ve never been closer than when we stand together looking at our beautiful Bella: she is the image of our love for each other. Never more than when I’m getting up at 6 to care for her.

    And of course the cooking blog helps.