more on narration (Charlotte Mason method)

more on narration (Charlotte Mason method)

from Higher up and Further in (a homeschooling mom in Turkey who uses the Charlotte Mason method): three writing samples (from her daughter at ages 9, 10, and 11) that demonstrate the effectiveness of dictation and narration. Her 11 year old daughter writes better than 99% of my college students!

Here’s a bit from the narration done at 11 1/2/2:

Narration 3: Same DD one year later.  She is now 11 and 1/2 yrs of age and her writing has blossomed beautifully.  All errors are left intact.  This was written right after she read the passage and the book was put away.  This is the first year she has had formal grammar instruction.

When the Trojan War was over Ulysses and his companions made ready to sail to Sparta where his wife Penelope and his young son awaited his return.  However he was driven out of his course by fierce winds to the island of the Ciconians, where, in a skirmish with the inhabitants he lost six men from each ship.

Following this event his ship came to the isle of the Lotus-eaters where Ulysses and his companions received a warm welcome and were taught how the lotus plant was consumed. 

From there Ulysses ship was driven to the island of the Cyclops.  Here dwelt the great one-eyed giants, the Cyclops.  When they arrived at the island, Ulysses and his men disembarked from their ship and proceeded to investigate and search for provisions, bringing with them jars of wine as gifts to the inhabitants. In the interior of the island they discovered one of the caves of the Cyclops and, ignorant of the caves residents, entered in to pass the night.  In the evening Ulysses and his companions were awakened by the sound of footsteps as the occupant of the cave approached.  Cyclops are shepherds and with the giant came his goats and sheep, whom he milked.  He then noticed the sailors who had retreated to the back of the cave out of fear.  Ulysses stepped forward and, courteously introducing himself, begged hospitality.  The giant demanded his name, to which Ulysses replied, �I am Noman.�

�Then,� replied the Cyclops, �because of your courtesy you shall be the last among you whom I shall devour.� So saying he proceeded to take two of the men and, dashing their brains out against the side of the cave, consumed them.

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  • Hi,

    I happened to find your blog because I was searching for the version of Ithaka that I liked the most. This version resonates the most within me.

    I will definitely like to drop by more often and read what you are writing,because I relate a lot to what you write about.