Let napping babies lie

Let napping babies lie

Yesterday I meant to take Bella to a “book babies” hour at the library. We were going to meet up with Rose and Joseph. It sounded like fun. But she decided to eat about half an hour before it was supposed to start. And then she fell asleep. And slept until about twenty minutes after the start.

Oh well. maybe next week. At least she took a nap. She does seem to be doing that with a little more frequency. I can only hope it will become a pattern like her night sleep has.

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  • The Platonic form of cuteness. I like that.

    Reminds me of my freshman year when we’d bounce around the dorm lounge talking about “couchness” and the Form of Couch.

    Brings back memories of Dr. Frank and cheese sandwiches (not that I recall the purpose of the sandwich, just that it was an example he once used. So much for my having absorbed philosophy!)

    Thanks for sharing the UD geekiness.

    I think Bella may well be the form of Joy. Dom and I sit around saying: Who’s happier than our Bella?

  • Melanie, your post made me think of something I thought I’d share…

    You said, “I put up the hood on the stroller to keep the wind out so no one but I saw the cuteness.”

    One of our nicknames for our 8 month old daughter is “The Cuteness.” I think it started half-joking because that is the name of the dog in “Master of Disguise” but it stuck because of both my husband’s and my UD background. Both having been philosophy majors, we decided she was Plato’s form of “Cuteness.” Our family even uses the nickname now. When my brother saw the video of our daughter laughing, he said he was “evangelizing” a following of “The Cuteness.”

    I thought as a fellow UDer you might get a kick out of that. smile