All about my day

All about my day

Sunny but coolish this morning. Shopping. I went out to find good walking shoes but instead found a pair of slippers, and three skirts (plus slacks and shirts for Dom) and the address of a place to get the shoes.

It got much cooler this afternoon and the win picked up. Quite blustery as Bella and I headed to the park beneath a dark gray sky. Fortunately she quickly fell asleep, one forefinger hooked in the ring of the pacifier that rested on her chest, the other forefinger hooked into her mouth. So precious. I put up the hood on the stroller to keep the wind out so no one but I saw the cuteness.

At the park I saw two blackbirds (crows?) harassing a hawk. I guess he was too close to their nest. A couple of swans shaking their white wings in the choppy gray harbor.

I really need better shoes. Pain in the feet and shooting up my right leg. Not good.

Salmon for dinner and greens leftover, rosemary roasted potatos and a good corn and poblano pudding that Dom couldn’t resist at Whole foods.

I’ve got some good pictures of Bella to post. Hopefully soon.

Och it’s late. She’s finally out. Time for bed.

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  • yeah, me too…. it was a godsend, one of my clients was confiding to me about her sister needing to deal with old guilts and worries.. I sent this on to her a bit ago, and she told me her sister REALLY appreciated it and said it was so very timely… Thanks for sharing this one with us!