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Can’t recall where I saw the link to this one.

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  • Hi Melanie.  It’s funny to find out what my wife Rose does from an internet blog (yours).  I’m in France, thousands of miles away, reading your blog during a break and find this story about Rose and Joseph walking in the park yesterday.  I so wish I could’ve been there with you all.  Oh well, I fly home Friday so it’s not too bad.  I’ll send her an email now and ask her how her walk in the park was and I’m sure she’ll wonder how I know about it smile  Bonjour!

  • There’s a lovely interlude somewhere between three and nine months, more or less, where a baby can be very contented for days and weeks at a time.

  • Jane,
    Good to know. Also, rather appropriate. Matches up with the idea of an interlude, enjoying the season while it lasts, knowing that the weather will certainly change for the worse at some point in the future.

    Though Bella is generally very easy and good tempered. Even her fussy days aren’t all that terrible. (I know, famous last words!)

  • Yes, I think perhaps “change for the worse” is probably overstating it. Not only in describing babies, but even in the weather.

    It is all too easy to complain of rain instead of enjoying the weather as it comes. So, too, the seasons of life, each day has its joys and challenges. The trick is accepting and enjoying what each day serves up. hard when it isn’t what we’re expecting or wanting. Like you say, the fussiness is a sign that they are working hard and making progress. Good to remember to appreciate the stage for what it is.

    I’m always glad to share my Bella. She brings such a surfeit of joy to my life, it would seem stingy not to let others experience some of that happiness.

  • It’s not so much that things “change for the worse” as that when babies start to learn to walk and talk they are more fussy for a while because they are working so hard.  It has its own rewards but I did like the 3-9 month period.  It’s nice of you to share Bella because I miss my own as babies but they are too young for me to be thinking grandchildren…!