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Farmer’s market

This morning after a bit of a late start, we made our now-customary trek to the farmer’s market in neighboring Marblehead. Today’s haul included an enormous zucchini, some new potatos, a pint of fresh raspberries, sweet as candy and sure to disappear as fast, a bunch of intoxicatingly fragrant basil, half a dozen ears of […]

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What Heather wants for her kids

A great list: In the effort to provide better for my kids than I had myself, I have compiled this list. Mentally and in the past twelve hours, so it isn’t binding, but it’s a start. In no particular order, I want my kids to… a. have a healthy sense of patriotism and history, our […]

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Just when I’d been reading (don’t ask me where, I don’t remember) about Picasso and what a misogynist he was, the Summa Mamas post this beautiful portrait of a breastfeeding mother. How sweet, how tender. How hard to believe this is a Picasso.

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Sleepless in Salem

Haven’t been here in a while. Quarter to six and sleepless. Isabella went sweetly to sleep at around 10:30 and hardly stirred when I put her down in the bassinet. And I suspect she’d still be asleep if her mother hadn’t woken her at 4:30. But it had been six hours and I was feeling […]

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Poem for the week

Because it’s an August poem (even though toay’s the first of September. And because, like Heaney, I’ve been disappointed by blackberries gone bad. Blackberry-picking   Late August, given heavy rain and sun For a full week, the blackberries would ripen. At first, just one, a glossy purple clot Among others, red, green, hard as a […]

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How to start homeschooling

An interesting response by Rod Dreher to a reader who asks about beginning to think about homeschooling. First he says: It was disappointing to us to have to give up on homeschooling with Matthew, but Julie and I have always tried to keep squarely in front of us that we must do what’s best for […]

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Baby Sleep

It feels like were starting to fall into a pattern. Last night Bella went nine hours between feedings. She ate at nine and then was up for a while, finally falling alseep with Dom and having him soothe her a few times. He put her in the bassinette around 2:30. She woke a bit around […]

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The Spirituality of Dating

Theresa sent me this link to an interesting reflection on spirituality and dating: Preparing spiritually before dating at Evangelical Catholicism. I like the fact that she emphasizes a range of devotions: journaling, the divine mercy chaplet, reading the bible, praying the liturgy of the hours and not only the rosary. Too often I see only […]

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