Isabella: sleep and bath

Isabella: sleep and bath

Since the last time I posted on her sleep patterns, Isabella has consistently slept through the night! She typically goes out between 10 and midnight and sleeps until somewhere between 5 and 6:30. So she’s getting somewhere between five and eight hours most nights.

I’m loving the predictability and the extra sleep.

Tonight I gave her her second tub bath. After the first time I decided she was just too wiggly and slippery and there was no distinct advantage of the tub over a sponge bath with a washcloth. SO that’s what I’ve been doing.

But tonight I thought I’d give the baby tub another go since she’s got such good head control and can sit up with just one hand on her back or her belly.

It went pretty well. She fussed a bit when I first put her in, but then settled down and seemed to like it until I got water in her eyes. oops. She slid around a bit, but with some practice on my part, I think we’ll manage better.

All in all, a successful experiment. Sadly we didn’t get any pictures. But perhaps next time, I can get Dom to man the camera.

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