Speaking of Labor Day

Speaking of Labor Day

I forgot to mention yesterday that it was the anniversary of my learning how to read a pregnancy test.

I mean, of course, of our confirming our suspicions that a little bella girl was in our future.

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  • Our leaves here in Vegas don’t change until like October or November it seems.
    We really don’t have four seasons here.
    But the temp was below 100 today….

  • Yeah, I guess I am especially affected by the seasons because I’m from Texas where, as in Nevada, there aren’t really four seasons.

    I grew up reading about the change of seasons and we did have some change; but it really blew me away the first time I experienced autumn and then again the first time I saw spring come in.

    And just visiting New England in the fall or spring won’t quite do it either. Because the real drama is in the way the rhythm of the year makes you feel. The way you find it somehow inside of you.

    I can see why northerners who move down south or out west feel a deep displacement and mourn the loss of the seasons.