What Heather wants for her kids

What Heather wants for her kids

A great list:

In the effort to provide better for my kids than I had myself, I have compiled this list. Mentally and in the past twelve hours, so it isn’t binding, but it’s a start. In no particular order, I want my kids to…

a. have a healthy sense of patriotism and history, our nation’s founding principles, and a recognition of how those principles are employed for both good and evil in our country today.

b. have a curiosity about and respect for our universe, the creatures in it, and how it works.

c. understand why sex should be reserved for husband and wife in unconditional acceptance of each other, and not a recreational activity with someone you think is “cute.”

d. know that people are more important than things and quality is generally better than quantity.

e. learn at their own pace on our schedule, not one imposed by tourism.[she has a link here I am too lazy to copy. mb]

f. be taught all that is true, good, and beautiful, instead of trendy, generic, and banal.

g. know that the high point of history is when God Incarnate walked the earth, but saints are in all shapes, times, and colors.

h. know that right and wrong exist regardless of time or place.

A very simple, short list. It’s not asking too much, is it? No problem.

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