Baby Sleep

Baby Sleep

It feels like were starting to fall into a pattern.

Last night Bella went nine hours between feedings. She ate at nine and then was up for a while, finally falling alseep with Dom and having him soothe her a few times. He put her in the bassinette around 2:30. She woke a bit around 4:30 but was back asleep before I got to her. She slept until I woke her a little after 6.

Now today she’s taking her second long nap of the day.

This feels like a repeat of Tuesday  when after a long sleep Monday night she took some good longish naps.

Yesterday, in contrast, she hardly slept at all, was very fussy much of the day. Wednesday was average, a couple short catnaps, one in the stroller when we went ot the park.

So is this a pattern? One long night’s sleep followed by a day with long naps, then a shorter night’s sleep followed by a day with average naps, then a fitful night’s sleep with a day with almost no napping, repeat. 

And then, is there a problem with this pattern? Could I increase her night’s sleep every night if somehow I could get her to nap every day? Is she just exhausting herself with no naps and that’s why she’s getting these long stretches? I’ve read a bunch of books and they all say very contradictory things about sleep. Don’t know if I should just let her do what she does, if I should try to set up a schedule (very hard for me as I’m not on a schedule). Am I letting her get into bad habits or will it all settle itself as she gets older?

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