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A Review of The Norton Anthology of Children’s Literature

from The Claremont Institute: “It is not so much an anthology as a postmodernist manifesto.” As the editors declare in the preface, “In our choice of texts and in our introductions, we have paid close attention to�perceptions of race, class, and gender, among other topics, in shaping children’s literature and childhood itself.” Practically every text […]

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cool website

Dom pointed me to Etsy, an e-Bay like site devoted to crafts and handmade goods. Browsing through the quilts section I noticed that many of the sellers were selling at very low prices. Some great deals here, I’d almost feel guilty buying them so cheaply. They can hardly be covering costs. Unless they are just […]

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quote of the day

“The intellectual life is not the only road to God, nor the safest, but we find it to be a road, and it may be the appointed road for us.” —C. S. Lewis “Learning in Wartime” (in Weight of Glory). hat tip to Fr. James V. Schall, S.J.  

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Aphorisms from Aquinas

� Everything evil is rooted in some good, and everything false in some truth. � However much evil is multiplied, it is never able completely to swallow good. � Good can be realized in purer form than evil. For there is some good in which no evil is mixed, but there is nothing so very […]

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Wanna Laugh?

Put a three month old baby in an Exersaucer and watch her lunge about trying to put everything into her mouth at once. Including the objects that are not supposed to go into mouths. Tongue sticking out, little grunts of effort. Adorable. Until she gets too frustrated and starts to bawl.

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Poetry Wednesday

I’ve been meaning for some time to start occasionally posting some poems. To get myself back into the habit of reading poetry and to share those poems with my few but faithful readers. This morning Danielle Bean sadly announced the death of one of her family’s pet chickens and the event reminded me of one […]

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