Inspirational Story

Inspirational Story

Lucille Miller of Waseca, Minn., who bore 15 girls and seven boys and raised them on a farm with the help of her organizational skills and the buddy system, died Monday in Waseca. She was 83.

Miller was 17 when she had her first child and 43 when she had her last.

“We didn’t intend to have this many children,” she said in an April 17, 2000, Star Tribune article by Chuck Haga. “But it’s been wonderful to have them and watch them grow. They’re all individuals.”

Read the whole article here.

There’s also an earlier article about the family with more personal stories:

“The best part has been a deep sense of companionship,” she said. “Not many people can say they have that many intimate friends.

“Years ago, we were having a family photo taken. I stopped the photographer and asked, `Can I just step out and look at all you guys?’ And one by one, we each took a turn and stepped out and looked at our family. That was very powerful.”

The wonderful thing about this story is the great love you sense in the parents and the children. Many people react in horror at the idea of so many kids; but they fail to see the heart of the matter.

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  • Thanks for posting this.  It’s good to be reminded to persevere in prayer and to continue developing a spritual life.  It’s a lesson that I’ve been continuing to learn during my single years, but it’s uneven progress.  All too often I get distracted by the frustration of not finding that “perfect Catholic man.”

  • You’re welcome. It wasn’t all that long ago I was in the same place. Fortunately I have now found my “perfect man”—perfect for me, if not yet perfect in an absolute sense smile

    Looks like Dawn Eden’s new book, <i.The Thrill of the Chaste</i> might also be a good read on the subject of the Catholic single life. At least I’ve enjoyed reading her blog entries on the subject.

    I have also been impressed by the practice I’ve heard about of praying for one’s future spouse, even if you haven’t met him(or her) yet. A good reminder that the goal of marriage is to get each other to heaven. And you can start working on that now not only for yourself but for him too.