Wanna Laugh?

Wanna Laugh?

Put a three month old baby in an Exersaucer and watch her lunge about trying to put everything into her mouth at once. Including the objects that are not supposed to go into mouths. Tongue sticking out, little grunts of effort. Adorable.

Until she gets too frustrated and starts to bawl.

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  • That is a wonderful quote: simple, direct, and profoundly true.  And yet, so many people seem to miss this very fact.

    Sometimes, though, the children save us from ourselves.  My wife tells a story of my three boys, sitting in our side yard – surrounded by various (too many) brightly-colored, plastic toys.  But they were playing with a small pile of rocks, the toys completely ignored.  And they were as happy as could be.

  • Yeah, that begins early. Often Bella rejects the toy I give her to just suck on her shirt or play with her toes.  Children are notorious for loving the wrapping paper or the box more than the gift. But somehow it takes us parents a long time to catch on.