another fine quote

another fine quote

Apart from the cross there is no other ladder by which we may get to heaven.

—St Rose of Lima

My patron saint, chosen at confirmation.

Hat tip to Curt Jester, Jeff Miller.

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  • Hi there:

        I’ve been peppering your hubby’s site with my “witty” comments for some time now & now it’s your turn.

        Anyway, I just don’t understand the compulsion for people to put bumper stickers on their vehicles. To me, it’s an attempt to advertise that they are “funny”, “clever” or, in the case of political or so-called spiritual ones like the one you posted (& all too often prevelent in the Witch City), “wise” or “profound”. To me, it often just shows that they are intellectually lazy & ignorant.  It’s amazing to still see Kerry bumper stickers nearly 2 yrs. after the elections. It’s like these people consider themselves somehow Morally Superior & that things would have been better today. Anyway, if you want my views, you can ask me because I’m not advertising them on my car.

                  Ta & G’d Bless

  • I put a bumper sticker on my car because my little brother bought it for me the day I bought this car, my first.  And when my (not-so) baby brother gives me presents, I do my best to put them to their intended use.

    So I have a bumper sticker.  It reads, “Not all who wander are lost.”  Yup, it’s Tolkien.  It also used to be my husband’s email tag, which little brother didn’t know at the time.

    As for the one you cited, Melanie:
    a) how dumb (not to mention Hallmarkically sappy).
    b) they fit all that on a bumper sticker?  The print must’ve been tiny.

    That would have killed me!  See, I have this compulsion: I love reading bumper stickers.  Trying to read them on a moving car is dangerous if the print’s too small, though.  So if I see one I can’t read, I hope I pull up behind it at the next light.  And if I do, and the print is too small to read even then, I inch forward in an attempt to read the sticker.

    This has been known to cause problems.

  • I don’t have a problem with bumper stickers per se. I do think that politics cannot and should not be reduced to bumper sticker slogans. And I get infuriated by the stupid sentiments expressed on such stickers all the time. But there are enough funny ones out there that I won’t condemn them as a class just because many of them are tasteless.

    My mom’s car is one of those that would drive Kate crazy. Lots of stickers to read. I used to have one on my old car. None on my current car because it drives me crazy when they get old and ratty. And because I know myself well enough to know that a sticker which appeals to me now may not be so appealing in five years. Though I do like the Tolkien one you have, Kate.

    I’m just like you, gotta read them. It’s a compulsion. Any printed word is meant to be read, right? So far no real problems, though.

    This one was a fairly large sticker, but the print was still pretty tiny. Fortunately I spied it when we were behind them at a stop sign. And I wasn’t driving so I had time to decipher it.

  • (bear in mind i’m saying this even though i am pro-life)

    I HATE pro-life bumper stickers.  and they’re All Over UD.  “God is pro-life” is the one i see most often

    again, i am pro-life, but there just seems to be something tacky about having some witty pro-life slogan slapped onto your car’s butt.

    abortion just never strikes me as an issue where witty ,snide, holier-than-thou comments on God’s political bent have any place whatsoever

    and then there’s a part of me that almost thinks it’s unfair to those who aren’t pro-life.  who’s gonna put a pro-choice bumper sticker on their car?  who’s going to put a sticker which may as well say “Rear-end me (in the butt where my sticker is) because I’m in favour of offing the tykes”? 

    at least with the icthus magnets, you had the normal Icthus, then the clever Darwinian one with legs, then the bigger one eating the one with legs…..i mean, that’s clever warfare, right there.

  • Actually, I have seen pro-choice bumper stickers.  The one I see most of says, “Pro-child, Pro-family, Pro-choice.”  So the opposition is speaking on that one, as well.

    And I still prefer the magnets where the ichthus is on top of a cylinder, and it says, “Sushi.”

  • And I still prefer the magnets where the ichthus is on top of a cylinder, and it says, “Sushi.”

    Oooh I haven’t seen that one. Yummy.

  • Mandy come to Massachusetts, you’ll see all the pro-choice bumper stickers you can stomach.

    But I agree that many, if not most, pro-life ones leave me cold.