Bella Updates: Standing and Sleeping

Bella Updates: Standing and Sleeping

This past spring we were doing a lot of baby sitting for my sister-in-law as she had frequent doctor visits with her high-risk pregnancy. Finally she left the ExerSaucer at our house so she wouldn’t have to lug it back and forth. Now she doesn’t need it any more as Joshua is walking and running all over the place. I thought we’d just keep it around until Bella could use it and then pass it back when her baby (due in October or November) is old enough.

Recently Bella has been loving to stand up. She really likes being able to see and she has strong legs and great head control. And she actually gets fussy when she’s in her baby rocker. She wants to be able to see.

So last night after a long day of her constant fussing and needing to be held, we decided to try her out in the ExerSaucer. We propped her up with folded blankets in front and behind to keep her from diving into the side face-first. She seemed a little overwhelmed at first, not sure what to make of it. But content, not crying. Experiment a success. Though I don’t feel confident enough to leave her alone in it, I think I’ll continue to try her out.

I took some video footage. Maybe I can figure out how to post it later. Or else I’ll take some stills with the video camera next time I put her in it.

In other news, she’s been sleeping long stretches at night with more and more frequency. Last night Dom brought her in for me to feed at about 12:30 and I laid her in the bassinet around 1:15, not really expecting she’d stay there for long. I woke around 4:30 and heard her batting at a little rattling doll and sucking on her fingers. But since she wasn’t crying I let her lie. While I lay in the dark listening to her every sound and starting awake from my doze every time she hit the rattle. Eventually I fell back to sleep and woke around 6:30 to her wailing for food. Now this is a trend I can get used to.

Her new tricks: she’s definitely loving sucking on those fingers. And she’s discovered her feet! Even in her car seat she strains forward to tug at those enchanting toes.

It looks like today might be a nice reprieve from the sleepless fussies of yesterday. She’s napping sweetly on the quilt at my feet. This seems to be a cycle with her. One day she’ll hardly nap at all, just little ten or fifteen minute dozes. The next day she really packs it in with several long snoozes.

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