morning in the park with bella

morning in the park with bella

Today we got out of the house rather earlier than usual, at the early (for me) hour of 11 am. Trying to beat the heat I anticipated in the afternoon we headed down our usual route to Forest River Park.

This week I’ve been much better at getting out for my walk. It’s a vicious cycle, if I miss the walk I have less energy, less energy means it’s harder to get out of the house which means no walk. I can get sucked into it by a couple of rainy days or days too hot. So I try really hard to carve out time.

Today our earliness was rewarded with a special treat. As we rounded the final curve in our circuit around the park, Bella sound asleep since just after we began our loop, I heard a voice call my name. It was my friend Rose, wife of Dom’s former roommate, who was enjoying the pleasant weather with her 9 month old son, Joseph, her parents and her nieces. We had a good chat, comparing babies and catching up on news and Bella woke up to gaze back at all the onlookers.

Then, second surprise of the day, as we were leaving the park I thought I saw a familiar figure with a stroller and a little boy. Sure enough, it was my former colleague from Salem State, Jennifer with her son Luc and newborn daughter Chloe (1 month old!) We’re supposed to meet up at the park on Friday for lunch so this was a very funny coincidence. Which is not unusual for Jennifer and I, we also ended up in the same prenatal yoga class, neither knowing the other was pregnant.

So I guess there is some truth to all those sayings about being rewarded for being up early. But of course that all hinges upon Bella (and my insomnia) letting me get a good night’s sleep.

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