University of Dallas alumni online

University of Dallas alumni online

I’ve decided as part of my continuing series on UD to highlight the online presence of some of my fellow alumni so you can get a flavor of what UD students do after they go out into the world.

A while back I stumbled across the name of a fellow UD alumn, Spencer Lewerenz, associated with The Act One Program. Wow, that’s cool, I thought. Last I’d heard, Spencer had headed to DC after graduation to work on a career in journalism. Now he was on the other coast working with a nonprofit organization that trains people of faith for careers in mainstream film & TV.

Today The Weight of Glory blog informs me of an interview with Spencer on the Catholic radio program, Lino at Large. He’s promoting the new book he’s edited and talking about the role of Catholics in the media. Go check it out.

Also, while I’m on the subject, I’d like to point to Aquinas and More Catholic Bookstore, started by UD alumnus Ian Rutherford, who graduated the same year I did. Go here for a picture of Ian and his beautiful family.

One criticism I’ve often heard of a liberal arts education is that it doesn’t prepare you for a career. In a limited sense, that is true. A liberal education is not vocational education. But in a larger sense, a liberal education prepares you for much more than a career, it prepares you for life. In today’s world careers come and go, few people will end up in the job they prepared for in college. A liberal arts education will prepare you to think, to work hard, to be flexible and to be adaptable to many different tasks in life, not just one career field.

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