birthday blessings

birthday blessings

So Wednesday was my 32nd birthday. To celebrate and to beat the heat we escaped to Maine and spent a few days with Dom’s mother and sister.

We arrived Tuesday night and, since it was too hot to cook, had a nice green salad for dinner with mum B. Brother-in-law John, his wife Patti and their passel of kids arrived late that night.

I woke at five Wed morning, amazed because Bella had gone to sleep around 11:30. Naturally she was very hungry. I discovered a sweet birthday card from Dom tucked into the top of the diaper bag… both practical and romantic! As I snuggled with Bella on the couch I reflected on the past year.

Last year’s b-day found me just 11 days from my wedding day. My roommates had all moved out and my sister was up for a month-long visit to help me finish the wedding preparations. Dom had just finished moving all of his stuff into my apartment and was sleeping on the couch at his sister’s place. We went out to dinner at my favorite Ethopian Place, Addis Red Sea, in Boston along with sister-in-law Evy, her husband Pete and three kids Kateri, Chiara and Josh. The kids were adventurous. Pete not so much. They stopped for pizza on the way home. Theresa gave me the complete LOTR on cd. Dom gave me Chronicles of Narnia and an iPod mini.

Little did I imagine my next b-day would find me up at 5am nursing my almost 3 month old daughter. And that’s the best birthday gift ever.



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