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Inspirational Story

Lucille Miller of Waseca, Minn., who bore 15 girls and seven boys and raised them on a farm with the help of her organizational skills and the buddy system, died Monday in Waseca. She was 83. Miller was 17 when she had her first child and 43 when she had her last. “We didn’t intend […]

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quote of the day

“There is no greater error in the whole range of bad history than imagining that doctrinal differences, because they are abstract and apparently remote from the practical things of life, are not therefore of immense social effect.” Hilaire Belloc in The Great Heresies I am so loving this book, my first foray into Belloc. He […]

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Chesterton answers the book meme

From the American Chesterton Society’s blog, this is just hilarious. G. K. Chesterton answers the books meme that’s been going around. Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite: 4. One book that made you laugh. I solemnly assure the reader that I have read whole books about education written by intellectual people with great ingenuity; […]

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Finished: two books

I just finished reading two library books: See Delphi and Die and The Kite Runner. Two very different books, but each enjoyable in its own way. See Delphi and Die is a murder mystery starring one of my favorite sleuths, Marcus Didius Falco. The latest in a series of mysteries set in ancient Rome during […]

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Feast of St Augustine

I can’t let today go by without posting my favorite passage: Late have I loved Thee, O Beauty so ancient and so new, late have I loved Thee! And behold, Thou wert within and I was without. I was loking for Thee out there, and I threw myself, deformed as I was, upon those well-formed […]

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Scary Toys

When we were young my brothers had this toy tank that made noises. It had one that sorta sounded like a machine gun, another like an explosion. Which is annoying enough. I hate toys that make noise. But this toy creeped us out because it had no batteries. Just an empty hole where the battery […]

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