The University of Dallas: Part I

The University of Dallas: Part I

Back in May I received a special request from a reader:

Hello! As a highschool student who IS looking for a real liberal arts education, and who is seriously considering U of Dallas, I would love to read a post in which you desribe and evaluate your overall experience of UD. Thanks so much for your consideration! God bless. -Meg-

I began a reply right away; but I got sidetracked and never posted a response for two reasons: First, I found it hard to capture four years of experience in a concise and useful way, it was too big a project to tackle and my brain was pretty much mush. Second, because a week later I gave birth to Isabella and everything went on the back burner for a while.

Now Meg has prodded me once again and I’ve got a new plan to tackle this beast. Rather than try to get it all down in one post, I’m going to begin a series of posts about UD.

I’m hoping that Meg might jump in and ask some more specific questions as I write, help me get a feel of what topics she’s interested in hearing about. I’m also hoping that some of my readers who are UD grads will jump in and help me out.

Where to start… perhaps I’ll begin with why I decided to go to UD in the first place when I, like Meg, was a high school student looking at colleges. Then I’ll try to highlight some of my most memorable and typical UD experiences. Then, why I have encouraged my sister to go and why I hope UD will still be around so I can send my kids there. Sounds like a short novel, quite frankly. Brevity has never been my forte. But it’s my blog and I’ll ramble if I want to. I’m going to try to tackle this in a post a week or so. If I let it go too long between posts, I’m hoping Meg will gently nudge me with another reminder.

Again, I encourage my many readers who are either UD alumni or current students to share their own replies in the comments section. I graduated in 1996… 10 years ago! I can’t believe it’s been ten years! It would be nice to have people whose experiences are more recent represented… (Theresa, hint, hint…)

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