New Blog

New Blog

Dom has a new blog about cooking and food called In the Kitchen with Bella to which I’ll also be contributing, I hope with some frequency. We’re trying to recruit my sister to post there as well.

We’re both passionate about food and love spending time cooking. We have a great big eat-in kitchen and it’s where we spend much of our time. Please feel free to stop by for a virtual bite in our new online extension.

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  • It’s interesting to point out for those who don’t know that Pepys might be considered the first blogger. He’s certainly the oldest known diarist, right?

  • I knew there was something I forgot!
    Yes indeed Pepys is the first diarist. You could say he’s the protoblogger. He’s especially known for recording all the minutia of life. A goldmine for the historian.

    (I hope this comment posts. I responded yesterday but the comment was evidently lost)