More on Defensiveness

More on Defensiveness

To follow up on her post on defensiveness Danielle Bean links to another home school mother who aptly demonstrates the phenomenon.

She said, �Are all those kids yours?�

I heard, �Is that impossibly large number of children yours? Have you ever heard of birth control?�

I said, �Yes. They are all mine.�

She heard, �They are all mine. I am a saint.�

She said, �Oh my god, I didn�t know people still did that.�

I heard, �Have you ever heard of birth control?�

I said, �I was an only child so that is probably why I always wanted a larger family�

She heard, �Being an only child was so awful. Your child is going to grow up and be lonely and resentful�. . .

Read the whole entry, it’s got a good ending.

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