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Recently I blogged about a woman I overheard in the grocery store who saw Bella and oohed and then reminded herself that she wasn’t going to have any more children. In the interests of looking at the positive as well as the negative, I’m pleased to report that tonight as I was walking with Bella […]

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Bella Update

Bella just rolled over from her stomach to her back all on her own! She was mad as hell and crying the whole time and not at all happy when she got onto her back; but Dom and I were cheering her on, proud parents that we are. Now she probably won’t do it again […]

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The University of Dallas: Part I

Back in May I received a special request from a reader: Hello! As a highschool student who IS looking for a real liberal arts education, and who is seriously considering U of Dallas, I would love to read a post in which you desribe and evaluate your overall experience of UD. Thanks so much for […]

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Signing With Baby

I’m interested in learning more about using sign language with babies. I’ve watched several acquaintances and two of my sisters-in-law use some signs with their children and I was impressed at how young children were able to clearly communicate their thoughts and desires well before they were able to form understandable spoken words. I’ve also […]

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reflections on motherhood

Wandering through the blogosphere this fine summer morning I find a couple of beautiful pieces on motherhood. First Danielle Bean muses about grace and 3 am wake-ups: During the next several minutes while my daughter discussed the daily habits of princesses, the magnificence of ballet, and the impressiveness of her older sisters, I was tempted […]

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O Brave New World

This is scary. Some excerpts: Confessions of a Genetic Outlaw. From time to time, we are all confronted with the disconnect between how we see ourselves and how others see us. I’ve always seen myself as a responsible, law-abiding citizen. I recycle, I vote, I don’t drive a Hummer. But I’ve come to realize that […]

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quote of the day: from the Catechism

108 Still, the Christian faith is not a “religion of the book.” Christianity is the religion of the “Word” of God, “not a written and mute word, but incarnate and living.” (St. Bernard) If the Scriptures are not to remain a dead letter, Christ, the eternal Word of the living God, must, through the Holy […]

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I just finished reading Zorro: A Novel by Isabel Allende. I picked it up the other day when I was dropping books off at the library. It was on the cart of books waiting to be shelved and caught my eye. I’ve read most of Allende’s books and really enjoyed The House of the Spirits […]

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Goals for home schooling

Tales from the Bonny Blue house has a great post on setting goals for homeschooling and the differences in homeschooling children with special needs. In the case of our homeschool and all of the others in the community which we belong the ultimate and first goal is heaven. We are educating our children to know,love […]

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