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quote of the day

from Dale Ahlquist’s Common Sense 101: Lessons from G.K. Chesterton “There is indeed something that children seem to grasp about eternal life that the rest of us have lost. They have abounding vitality; they are in spirit, fierce and free, and yet, as Chesterton says, they want things repeated and unchanged. “They always say, ‘Do […]

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Isabella updates

She s now starting to make vocalizations that aren’t crying. It sounds like she’s starting to cry, but is more of a coo because she isn’t really displeased. She’s got a strong kick and can rock herself in her little rocking seat, htough she has a tendency to slide down into an uncomfortable looking slouch. […]

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Late night

flipping channels while the baby eats I come across Mother Angelica talking with one of my former professors, Dr Gerard Wegemer discussing his book on St Thomas More. How strange to see his familiar face out of context. I didn’t appreciate Dr Wegemer enough when I was in his class. The folly of the young. […]

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Princess Isabella

A perfect day for the baptism. Sunny for the first time since Tuesday, a welcome relief from the too abundant rain. And Trinity Sunday, we didn’t realize that when we set the date. If I were to go looking for readings for a baptism, I couldn’t have chosen better ones. It was almost eerie. The […]

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First Walk

Yesterday I had my two week OB visit and was cleared to drive and do more physical activity. Therefore, this afternoon Isabella and I took our first stroller outing, walking down to the grocery store to get eggs, milk, bread, fresh fruit and diapers. Little Bella slept the whole way down and back and is […]

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Late night, can’t sleep

It’s very late and I’m very tired, and the baby is finally asleep; but somehow I can’t sleep. Maybe it’s partly the knowledge that as soon as I drift off she’ll wake wanting to eat. Also the fifteen different blog entries I’m composing in my head. So much to say, no time to write. She […]

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