Some Thoughts on Breastfeeding

Some Thoughts on Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding and reading

When I was reading books and blogs on pregnancy and when talking to people (everyone has advice for you when you’re pregnant!), I frequently came across the truism that once the baby came I’d not have time to read. I knew that wouldn’t be the case for me and I was right.

Even with all the difficulties Bella had with latching on, I’d figured out how to prop up a book and read within the first week home from the hospital. I think I’m actually reading more books than I was in the last few weeks before she was born when my attention span just wasn’t there. THose late-night wide awake feedign marathons are the perfect opportunity to dive into good books. (I’m also watching many more movies than I ued to, and devouring the commentary tracks on our Lost dvds.)

It’s really a matter of priorities. Reading will always be top on my list. I sacrifice sleep to do it. It’s as necessary to me as breathing. Books can be found in every room of our house, there’s even a basket of books and magazines in the bathroom. Piles of books are on most flast surfaces in the house. Including the kitchen table and the bed in the spare bedroom.

Even when I was in grad school overloaded with class work, massive reading lists, and teaching, I still snuck in a few extracurricular just for fun books. It was necessary for my sanity.

All those books which talk about breastfeeding as a bonding experience… well I can see that. Sometimes I don’t pick up a book or put on the tv. Sometimes I just gaze adoringly at her hungry little face. But there are too many hours in the day filled with her eating. I love my daughter, but frankly I get bored with the loving gaze. I don’t think she’ll resent it if sometimes I pick up a book and go somewhere else for awhile. After all, half the time she’s half-asleep herself.


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