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Baby Isabella Marie

Dom has already written the story of the birth over on his blog. But I wanted to add a few words of my own. It’s been hard to do because every time I sit down to the computer a bunch of emails beckons or I just have to read a few blog entries to catch […]

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How to Judge a Book by Its Cover

A great blog post by Michelle Arnold. Excerpt: Title: What does the title say about the author�s approach to the subject? If you were wandering through the parenting section of your local bookstore, a quick scan of the titles can give you insight into the approaches taken to parenting. The Strong-Willed Child may suggest a […]

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homeschooling and the importance of play

from The Common Room blog, some good thoughts on the preschool/kindergarten years. . . . I also observe that my children’s play is far more free and creative and self-sustaining than that of children in formal preschool programs. I see mine figuring things out and making connections that their preschool and formal school at home […]

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Today I’ve been feasting on homeschooling blogs. They make me so hungry ‘cause I can’t wait to get started. And so far the only offspring I have is still firmly in utero. Am I jealous of these moms with five and seven kids who spend their days reading and doing nature walks and science projects […]

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“Tidal Homeschooling”

I really loved the imagry in this description of the way home schooling works in Melissa Wiley’s family. I like the balance she achieves between structure and unstructure. Although I’m not quite as comfortable with the idea of “unschooling” as she is. I have a feeling I’ll lean a quite bit more toward the structured […]

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praying with kids

Ian at Musings from a Catholic Bookstore has a great post on praying the rosary with children. And asks a tough question: does this count as prayer? I posted a response there, but wanted to re-post it here. I’ve been thinking about the topic of praying with children quite a bit recently. Danielle Bean also […]

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book review The Scientist in the Crib

I mentioned that I was reading The Scientist in the Crib: Minds, Brains, and How Children Learn by Alison Gopnik, Andrew Meltzoff, and Patricia Kuhl. This was a great book. I’m so glad I pushed myself through the introduction, which almost lost me, because I really enjoyed the rest of the book. And in fact […]

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A great homily

by Fr. Martin Fox about religious education and bringing babies and little children to mass. An excerpt: When your children were newborns, did you talk to them? Or, did you wait until they would understand the words? I�m sure you didn�t wait! They “get” it before they “get” it. Your children are never “too young” […]

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What I’m reading Dove Descending

Dove Descending: A Journey into T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets by Thomas Howard. I have a bit of a confession to make before I go off ranting and raving about this book: There is no way I can be either impartial or brief about this subject (but this is my blog and I can ramble at […]

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cool quote of the day

“The refutation of any argument against the Faith is not a demonstration of the truth of the Faith. It is the removal only of an obstacle to the Faith. For the Faith is not arrived at by demonstration, but by demonstration it is shown to be at least tenable. The Faith is not a conclusion […]

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