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Gram’s B-Day

Grandma Millie at her 90th Birthday party. Grandma with a portrait of herself as a young lady, done by my talented brother, Tim. Grandma poses with the artist. Wow I really wish I could have been there. The idea for the portrait stroke of genius on my Uncle Jim’s part—he commissioned it at our wedding […]

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Pope Benedict on Marriage

I saw this at The Cafeteria is Closed website and it was so good I had to repost it for myself. I love our Holy Father and also think that, as erudite as he is, some of his best stuff is not his homilies or speeches but when he is speaking off the cuff directly […]

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A Dream

i had a dream last night in which I was at a reunion—or a shopping mall or both, you know how dreams are—and I kept running into people I’ve known, specifically women. And they were all pregnant. A former student, fromer classmates, friends, family. I guess I’ve got baby on the brain.

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Conversion stories

I love reading them and there are some good ones out there. Julie D, the Happy Catholic in Dallas links to two, Wayward Catholic whose amazing journey journal I discovered a few weeks ago and WordGirl who blogs with her husband at, new to me but with a great Pope-inspired conversion experience in three […]

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I’ve got em. In spades. Now I know it’s spring because one night last week I woke up in the middle of the night not because of the usual pregnancy full bladder feeling but because my chest felt congested. The next night I had nasal congestion and within another couple of days the full blown […]

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