Laugh Till It Hurts

Laugh Till It Hurts

Last night Dom imed me this link to a local blogger writing about his commute on the T, Boston’s subway system. Part of the genius is that he creates the character of Billy, the fictional driver:

CHARLES [a stop on the red line]
Billy stops the train halfway across the bridge because there’s a bag on the tracks ahead, and he doesn’t want to run over it because there may be kitties in there. Apparently Billy has seen Ray Romano’s stand-up work before. I try to pass the time by looking dolefully out the window, but another Red Line train passes by and blocks my view. I begin to imagine how nice it would be if everybody on this train joined hands in peace and harmony, and I think how much better life would be if then the two ends of that human chain grabbed on to a live electrical wire. I smile to myself and close my eyes, and that’s when the guy on the right elbows me in the gut as he turns his iPod up even louder.

Have you ever laughed so hard, so uncontrollably, for so long you went into an asthma attack? Well it’s even worse when you are more than seven months pregnant… your lungs and diaphram have much less room to expand and then the baby gets into the action because mom is making all this rukus and you start getting kicked as well. 

Maybe it won’t be so funny to you, but this was the best laugh I’ve had in a long time. Except for the fact that I was wheezing for the next couple of hours.


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