A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

I guess this would count as part of my pregnancy journal. One of the things I worried about when I decided to take the semester off was “what will I do all day?”

So I got up around 8, washed my face, brushed my teeth, etc. I ate my rice crispies, said my morning office, did about 45 minutes of yoga. Then another snack: banana and yogurt. Then a walk to the park (about 45 minutes). A beautiful almost-springish day with blue skies and bright sun and I had unbuttoned my coat and pulled off my cap by the time I was down at the park.

Home and another snack, handful of raspberries and off to mass. I ended up at St John the Baptist, the Polish parish, because there was a funeral at Immaculate Conception. Fortunately the churches are within blocks of each other. Mass was nice, there were about eight people. A nice lady chatted with me in the parking lot after. Asked when the baby was due, if it was my first, if we knew the sex. She told me she’d just had her first grandchild and said she’d pray for me. How wonderfully welcoming, a bright spot in the day.

Then home for lunch, squash and fishsticks which I ate while watching Dom remove and clean the fan blades on the kitchen ceiling fan. Who thought a white fan would be a good idea in the kitchen? It was nasty and the dust was sticky because of cooking grease. Yuck!

Ususally I take a nap after lunch, but maybe the yoga and walk energized me. Instead I set out for the mall to hit the one day sale at Kohls. I found a good robe and pajama pants (my goal for the trip) cause you know I can’t wear my ratty old ones in the hospital. I also picked up a couple of picture frames. All at 50% off! Then I found a great bargain on a rug for the dining room: 60% off. A nice man carried the rug to the car for me.

Then a quick dash to the other mall, just blocks away where I picked up the Dr Seuss ABC computer game my sister in law suggested as a present for my niece Kateri’s 5th birthday on Saturday. I stopped by Au Bon Pain, one of my favorite eateries for a spinach and cheese croissant, an almond croissant and a lemonade.  Yummy snack!

At home I did a bit of blog reading and net surfing, ordering books from interlibrary loan. Then suddenly realized it was about time to start dinner. I made sauce and put the lasagna rolls we’d made a couple of weeks ago into a casserole dish then finally my lack of a nap hit me. I went to lie down for a good 15 mintues before finishing dinner prep. 

Today I was much more active than I have been. Leaving the house three times. Some days I’m lucky if I get out at all. I think the combination of yoga and walks is helping. Maybe also we’re just going into a new stage of the pregnancy. Though I’ve heard that in the final trimester women often get more fatigued.

Tomorrow I plan to do more quilting. I really need to start the baby’s quilt if I plan to finish it before the baby arrives. Also, I suspect it might be laundry day. Going up and down the basement stairs usually wears me out so I try to put this off as much as possible. Though having only two pairs of pants and seven shirts that I regularly wear means I have to do it much more often. I know, I know… just wait till I’ve got all the baby clothes!

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